About Me


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Arizona Native

I am native to Arizona, born in a Mesa hospital, lived in Chandler and then was raised in Ahwatukee. After high school I went to college in Tucson at The University of Arizona (Bear Down). I now currently live in Chandler. It’s safe to say that I am not only a native to Arizona, but am very familiar with the area. My parents were Air Force kids that met while both of my Grandfathers were stationed at Luke Air Force Base. My parents met and worked at the commissary together. I followed in my parents foot steps and married a co-worker of mine. I met Samantha while we both worked at Wild Horse Pass Resort. Samantha is a first grade teacher. She helped to write the curriculum guides for English/ Language Arts to help guide teacher’s daily instruction.

Real Estate

When I first started dating my wife, she had mentioned I should get out of the restaurant industry. At the time, she was just finishing her teaching degree at Arizona State University. Her Mom is a Realtor and was in need of an assistant. I began working with her as an unlicensed assistant doing clerical work and anything I could legally do without a real estate license. It has been great to learn from someone who has been a Realtor for over 30 years. After a few months I decided to take the leap and get my License. I couldn’t deny my passions pushed me in this direction my whole life. In high school, my Dad mentioned to me I should try and sell real estate. Unfortunately, at 18, I was not looking in that direction. At 24, I was fortunate enough to have stumbled into my career path.

Very Rewarding

I love being a Realtor. I get to be a part of someone or some family’s life. They trust me to help them make one of the biggest investments of their lives. For that I am truly thankful. It makes me so happy to take a potentially stressful situation and turn it into such a wonderful outcome. One of my favorite times as a Realtor was with a great couple my wife and I are friends with. They wanted to stop renting and purchase their first home, but their credit scores needed some work. In order to be approved for a certain Down payment assistance loan , they needed their scores to increase from 580 to 640. With the help from a Lender’s credit repair program, my clients increased their scores to what was required in order to be approved for the loan in only 6 weeks. After closing on their home, they have added improvements to increase their equity and the home looks amazing.

In 2020 I want to help as many families as I can find their new homes. I enjoy seeing my clients and friends succeed in everything they want to accomplish.

My Process

Being a Realtor is more than just selling a house. It is a relationship business. I enjoy building relationships and friendships while doing what I love. The majority of clients I have helped sell/buy a home, I am still friends with today. I want everyone to work with a Realtor they can trust and I want to be your Realtor.


When I’m not working I enjoy running and working out even though it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I used to run a lot when I was younger. I have competed in more 5k and 10k runs than I can count and have completed 3 half marathons. I would love to keep doing them. My wife and I could definitely be considered a bit of a foodie couple. We love visiting new restaurants, frequenting patios and sitting in coffee shops. One thing we love to do is go get coffee and enjoy a game. For the past few years we can been addicted to Bananagrams.